Vehicle Maintenance Tips

scooter paint guide Before doing paint, you will need to take off most of the old paint. Follow the steps for scooter paint.
Here is the clutch and variator cover. Take a look at these pictures and follow the steps for transmission service.
Most common problem in car is vibration or shaking of car. We have listed Top 5 reasons for vibration in car.

Used Cars

Quick Checklist for Buying Used Car
  • Indentify your requirements and research for car model with best resale history.
  • Take a mechanic and diagnose the car engine, electricals. Look out for dents in the body, abnormal wear and tear of the wheels.
  • Take the car for test drive. While driving pay attention to suspension, noises from engine and ease of driving from the steering, brakes and gears.
  • Check the used car service logs thoroughly.
  • Ask for Used Car Original Documents RC book, (PUC) certificate, insurance papers and tax tokens.

Car Tires Replace While you are driving tire failure can cause your car to go out of control You want to know when it's time to get new tires. We have listed 5 reasons which signal you to replace out of shape old tires.
Auto Insurance To purchase an Auto Insurance Policy for your vehicle in India certain documents are required like copy of Registration Certificate of the vehicle, identity and address proof of the owner.


Car Manufacturers