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Used Car Buying Tips

Now days, cars are becoming necessity for commutation and also for maintaining standard. Apart from new cars from manufacturers, used car market has also grown in parallel to a large extent. Before buying a second hand car it is tricky to get right valuation and there are number of variables to consider.
1. Research for Car: Identify the models with the best resale history.

2. Car Inspection:

a. Check the engine and ensure that it has not been rebuilt. Take the mechanic with you as the number on the odometer by itself might not indicate the extent of wear and tear to an engine.

b. Look out for abnormal wear and tear of the wheels, including the spare.

c. Ensure all electricals, including headlights, indicators, telltale lamps are working.

d. Also look for dents, variation in body paint or damage to the car's body.

3. Test Drive: Take the car for test drive. If you are an experienced driver this will help you detect any obvious problems. While driving pay attention to suspension, noises from engine and ease of driving from the steering,
brakes and gears. Test drive will help you to make decision that a car meets your requirements. Again it is good to take mechanic on test drive as it never hurts to get a second opinion.

4. Maintenance: Take your time and search for the car that has been well maintained. It is good to go for a car from a manufacturer with established service networks and dealers. In the long run it would be easier and cheaper to get the car serviced and buy spare parts. Avoid car models that have gone out of production or obsolete now to avoid any hassle for getting spare parts and also older cars have maintenance issues.

5. Used Cars Authorized dealerships: Always prefer authorized used cars dealer ship centers like Maruti true value, Mahindra first choice etc. for purchasing used cars as they provide buyers with an advantage of warranty over certified used cars.

6. Service History: Check the used car service logs thoroughly. They will tell you whether car has been serviced properly at regular intervals or not. Moreover with service logs you can check details of any accidental damage in car or whether it has ever been repaired for major mechanical fault. Service logs indicate that the car has been well maintained by its owner.

7. Used Car Original Documents: After all the day through activity and assurance that used car meets your expectation, it's time to check the car documents. These include the original registration papers (RC book), a valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate, insurance papers and tax tokens. Do not buy the car unless all of the above can be provided by the previous owner.

8. Negotiate the Deal: Last but not the least, negotiate the deal. You can bargain for good discount in used car market.

Used Car Purchase Quick Checklist