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Two Wheelers Maintenance Tips

All the two wheeler manufacturers have franchised service centers throughout India. These service centers provide good after sale service. Get the vehicles serviced preferably at the authorized service center. Donít neglect or postpone servicing the two wheeler for a hassle free ride, cost effective maintenance, fuel efficiency as well as longer life of the vehicle. Some of the simple tips for maintenance of two wheelers are listed here in below:

Brake system Ė Rear brake system should always be ok to ply freely and frequently. Oil level/lubrication, wiring and shoes of front brake should be checked time and again regularly.

Check the cables/wiring, kick, kinks, bends etc. every now and then and get the same replaced as and when required.

Tyres must have specified air pressure and air pressure is to be checked before ride. Check the tyres for cuts also. Driving with cuts may puncture or burst the tube. Have a close eye on wheel alignment and balance also. Any leakage of fuel/oil/lubricant must be checked immediately. Two wheelers should be washed with low pressure water only.

Clean the spark plug regularly with needle and emery paper regularly. Check the battery and carburetor at a regular interval. Carburetor chamber and jet is to be cleaned by the force of compressed air. Vehicle must have sufficient fuel and if any problem is noticed in any system like horn, indicators, light, ignition, gear, silencer etc. one should approach the service centre immediately.
Check the level of engine/gear oil level weekly. Level should be optimum and leakage is to be plugged immediately.

Scooter Maintenance Tips

Servicing Transmission, variator, clutch and painting your scooter. Every 250 miles or 1 month. Check engine oil and battery levels. Add the proper fluid if necessary. Check and adjust tire pressure. Check all lights and horn to be sure they are working, and replace bulbs as necessary.

Every 1000 miles or 6 months, in addition to the above, Change engine oil. Check tires for wear and cracking. Check for smooth operation of brakes and throttle. Lube cables and pivot points as necessary. Check all fasteners/fittings and tights. On the two stroke scooters check for proper operation of the oil pump.

Every 3000 miles or 1 year, in addition to the above, Change the transmission oil. Clean out the air cleaner and dampen the foam filters with motor oil (as appropriate - foam filters only). Replace the spark plug. Check/clean/lubricate brake and throttle cables. Check drive belt for wear and cracks.

Every 5000 miles or 2 years, in addition to the above, Change the radiator fluid for 125, 150, 250 Hondas (Yamahas are air cooled). Check variator (front shieve) and rollers. Clean out the old grease and re-grease. Check battery connections. Check all hoses (vacuum, fuel, oil) for cracks or leaks. Check the steering head bearings and wheel bearings for play and wear.

Scooter Paint Guide

Scooter Transmission Service Guide

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