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Scooter Paint Guide

1. Before doing paint, you will need to take off most of the old paint. First of all wash the parts with soap and water and let them dry. Use a medium fine grade (220 grit) of sandpaper and work until it's smooth.
2. After sanding, Make sure most of the old paint is removed and surface is smooth. Donít forget to wash it thoroughly again with soap and water so the surface is dust free and clean for paint.
3. Your next step would be to dry your body for around 45 minutes to an hour (depending on the air temperature).
4. Next youíll need to suspend your body parts like this in a closed area.
5. This is the color that we have used for scooter paint, a blue metallic. You can see that you also need primer and clear gloss to do a good job.
6. Put the primer on first. Stay about 2 feet away from the body. Wait 10 minutes between coats (2 or 3 coats will be needed)
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