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Scooter Paint Guide - Page 2

7. After the final coat, wait an extra 15-20 minutes. Lightly sandas needed (to make a smooth surface) and apply your chosen paint.
8. This is what I get after my first coat. Donít forget to shake often so that the paint flows smoothly. Wait around 10 minutes between coats.
9. After 3 coats this is what I get. Let dry and lightly sand as needed.
10. After applying 3-5 coats, you should get a nice uniform finish.
11.Put gloss on the body part to get that deep shiny look. Donít let the paint dry too much or else the gloss wonít stick well. Wait about 5 minutes between coats. Lightly sand as needed.
12.After putting the coats of gloss, let the painted part to dry completely and now you are done with a new painted shiny glossy scooter. Assemble the parts and now your newly painted scooter is ready for ride.
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