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Vehicles Maintenance Tips

Every vehicle owner must be aware of tips for best use and proper up keep of the same. It will guarantee smooth ride for a long and material savings in maintenance cost. Moreover proper maintenance reduces the chances of accidents on road substantially. Though, type of vehicles e.g., cars two wheelers, heavy vehicles, new vehicles, old vehicles have different tips to work as trouble shooter and maximize satisfaction level as well as life of the automotive but some of the common tips are:

Vehicle must be given anti rust treatment before it is put to use. Servicing at regular interval for checking of clutch, brake, spark plug, air filter, hose/hose pipe, belt, chain, horn etc. & change of oil/lubricant & coolant will definitely boost the performance of automobile. If the hose and belt looks hard it must be changed. Loose or broken support, clamps, clips etc. should be repaired properly or changed.

Prior to servicing vehicle is to be washed with detergent/soap and clean water, dry with soft cotton cloth and apply polish or methylated spirit to keep the vehicle rust free and shining.

Vacuum and special cleaner may be used to clean dust etc. from the interior Matting and seat & seat covers must also be washed. If seat and seat
cover is made of fabrics or velvet it should be dry cleaned from time to time. For instant combustion and good lighting check the water level and clean and grease its terminals regularly. Entire lighting system is to be checked, fuse bulbs must be replaced and one must keep spare bulbs and fuse with him. Clean all the lights preferably weekly. Checking of tyres is must. Tyres must be inflated to optimum air pressure. Under/over air pressure adversely affect the life of tyres as well as consumption of fuel. Position of tyres must be rotated at regular interval and at the time of every servicing or after running 10000 to 15000 kms wheel balancing should be undertaken.
As and when it is felt that extra pressure is required to apply brakes/brakes are responding aneously one must get the brake oil/wire/shoe/system checked. Donít use acidic or hard alkaline material to clean the interior. Go for branded and genuine spare parts only. Always try to use Authorised Service Center only. Go through User Manual carefully and repeatedly. Your vehicle must have all weather cover. Ensure that vehicle sufficiently and insurance policy must not expire in any case. Automobile maintenance is one of the most important aspects, which we generally ignore. It helps in the proper functioning of the vehicle and determines the longevity, performance and reliability of the automobile, we drive. Automobile maintenance tips are so simple that one can do-it on their own and take care of all the parts of the automobile. Sending automobiles for regular services, changing oil, lubricating the engine, checking the brakes and air filters regularly are some of the many easy car maintenance tips that can be practiced to increase the life of your automobile. Always keep tool kit with the vehicle. Last but not the least safe driving is the best driving. Speed thrills but kills. Please follow the traffic rules.

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