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Renault Kwid

French automaker Renault has recently unveiled its new concept car as Renault Kwid during the auto show held at Greater Noida. According to Renault's Asia-Pacific Region Chairman, while just a concept for now, the Kwid will go on sale within two years, with particular focus on the Indian market. It will catch the attention of young generation as they are trend setters as they are more attracted towards technology and enjoyable drive. Renault may launch the hybrid version of Kwid which will be powered by electric motor.

Renault Kwid Engine Specifications

Renault Kwid is powered by a 1.2-litre turbocharged engine with a dual-clutch transmission, allowing the owner to drive in automatic or manual mode.

Renault Kwid Features

Renault Kwid is the first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which could help driver scout traffic, take aerial photos of the surrounding landscape and detect obstacles in the road. The device is referred as Flying companion and stored inside the rear portion of the Kwid's roof. the panel slides open and the quadrocopter - named after the device's four motors - can be operated in one of two modes. In automatic mode, the drone flies along a pre-programmed flying sequence using in-built GPS. In manual mode, the UAV is controlled via a tablet built into the dashboard of the car.

Renault Kwid Exteriors

Renault Kwid due to it versized wings, mud guards and wheel arches resembles to off road car. However designers at Renault suggested the car will come in two wheel drive instead of four. This means kwid is more likely to be for city roads rather than rural ones.

Renault Kwid Interiors

Renault Kwid interior features two-tone white seats with a yellow-trimmed dash. The chairs are wrapped in a web of white elastic polymer to give the impression the passengers are sat in a bird's nest, according to designers on the project. The driver is sat in the centre of a row of three, allowing the same model to be used in both left-hand, and right-hand drive markets. In the rear, passengers can adjust the air-conditioning via a panel on the back of the driver's seat, which also features ventilation ducts built in.